4 November 2019 – Trade Tech Group's Liquidity Provider and Prime of Prime brokerage CFH Clearing, has announced that it is now able to provide new data analytics tools providing increased transparency for clients.

CFH states that these latest developments increase the firm’s focus on collaborative liquidity management, equipping clients with comprehensive data to enable them to make more informed liquidity decisions.

The analytics tools, developed in-house by CFH, are part of the firm’s ongoing investment in liquidity management. They pave the way for a real-time interactive liquidity dashboard which will be launching in 2020.

Andy Biggs CFH Clearing .jpg
Andy Biggs, Head of Liquidity, CFH Clearing

Andy Biggs, Head of Liquidity at CFH Clearing comments, “CFH has built an impressive in-house analytics system which has helped us to improve pricing and execution across FX, precious metals, base metals and CFDs. We have been able to make data driven decisions to provide sustainable liquidity to any and all types of flow and to provide the best liquidity possible for all types of flow. The data we collect from each broker and LP enables us to create meaningful data-driven liquidity reports and a clear overall picture about their flow.

“We are now providing clients with this information in order to have more meaningful, transparent, data-driven discussions with them, such as how we can improve their flow type or whether to segregate certain types of flow, ultimately with the aim of improving their pricing and execution. The data we provide to clients supports the business case for making certain decisions. We have had very positive feedback from trials we have completed with a number of clients, with Liquidity Managers, CEOs, and Heads of Dealing all seeing the benefits from having access to the level of data we are able to provide.

“CFH wants to promote an open dialogue with clients. We believe increased transparency in liquidity management is key to improving industry standards.”

CFH Clearing is part of Playtech plc’s financials division, TradeTech Group. The globally renowned firm helps institutional clients with their complete liquidity and technology requirements, with access to a choice of platforms and a range of technology including risk management and reporting tools. CFH Clearing has over 600 institutional clients in more than 60 countries and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).