June 28, 2022 - Compass Financial Technologies, a Swiss and French based EU regulated index provider and Marex Solutions, a hedging and investment solutions supplier that specialises in derivative products, announced that they will collaborate to offer digital asset investment solutions for institutional investors.

Marex will work with Compass on their designs for BMR compliant crypto indices to provide institutional clients with investment solutions.

Compass has been providing crypto index engineering since 2018 by first launching EU benchmark regulated reference rate indices for ETP issuers. Since then, Compass has expanded its scope towards bespoke indices to meet the demand of institutional clients.

Compass crypto indices range from single BMR reference prices to thematic indices such as DeFi, Smart Contracts, Layer 1 or Digital Economy indices and more sophisticated strategies using options. Marex, an issuer and market maker in structured products, is able to provide a variety of payoffs referencing crypto underlyings. With an offering ranging from delta 1 access products to tailor-made structures, Marex delivers payoffs in both securitised and OTC format to investors ranging from Private Banks, Wealth Managers and Family Offices to Institutional Investors and ETP providers.

Marex was the first issuer to issue Autocallable Barrier notes linked to Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as the only issuer to manufacture Cash and Carry certificates on both cryptocurrencies.