July 12, 2022 - Gate.io & Gate Ventures, which is focused on digital asset ecosystems, announced their investment in the Crossover Markets Group seed round.

Crossover Markets Group is a digital asset marketplace for institutional clients whose matching technology is built to provide customizable interactions between maker and taker in disclosed, semi-disclosed and anonymous environments.

“The institutional trading landscape in the crypto space is far from mature. There will be a much greater institutional wave coming for the crypto assets in the next 3–5 years. We are very impressed by Crossover team’s expertise in trading technologies, as well as their strong vision in their new crypto venture. Gate.io and Gate Ventures are committed to building a better financial infrastructure together with promising teams for the crypto ecosystem,” said Kevin Yang, Investment Director at Gate Ventures.

Brandon Mulvihill, CEO & Cofounder of Crossover Markets said, “We are thrilled to have Gate.io participate in our seed round as we aim to accelerate institutional adoption of digital assets through ultra-low latency trading technology. Gate is a long-standing industry leader, notably having amassed a significant retail consumer base. As an industry expert, Gate’s partnership with Crossover reinforces our thesis that institutional specific technology is required to unlock liquidity and pave the roadway for institutional demand. Crossover is quite thankful to onboard a strategic investor and we welcome the amazing team at Gate Ventures & Gate.io. to the Crossover Markets Group.”

The Crossover ecosystem provides taker clients a tailored liquidity based on their desired conditions while protecting market makers from toxic flow. Maker and Takers can choose to interact through private rooms using the Crossover Markets Smart Order Router and connectivity channels. This along with pre and post trade controls will be achieved in single digit micro-seconds, making Crossover Markets one of the fastest exchanges in digital assets