1st July, 2019 - IS Risk Analytics (ISRA), a leading provider of risk management services and software, has launched its next generation risk engine and bridge software. The new ISRA bridge is fully compatible with both MT4 and MT5 and comes with advanced risk tools, including the ability to detect and mitigate toxic activity before the first trade.

Aimed at brokers of all sizes worldwide, the ISRA risk engine and bridge software can be connected directly to any Liquidity Provider as well as the most commonly used liquidity hubs. It can be bundled into a full service offering powered by ISRA’s 24 hour risk management team or is available as a standalone product.

This latest development from IS Risk Analytics, part of ISAM Capital Markets, builds on its significant expertise in trade flow optimisation and risk management. It is the firm’s largest advancement and most significant investment in technology to date.

Jeff Wilkins, Managing Director at IS Risk Analytics said, “We have always focused on being at the forefront of the industry in terms of the reliability, speed of connectivity and risk functionality of our technology stack. This latest release, however, takes our risk software to a whole new level. In addition to granular book management tools, having the capability to detect and manage toxic activity before the first trade is even placed is a ground-breaking feature that can help brokers avoid significant losses.

"We are confident this new technology includes some of the most advanced risk tools in the industry. In conjunction with ISRA’s risk management expertise, it can help every broker to increase revenue and mitigate risk."

IS Risk Analytics (ISRA) provides world-class technology, risk management solutions, real-time analytics, and comprehensive consulting services to FX brokers of all sizes across the globe. The firm is part of ISAM Capital Markets, which also includes IS Prime, IS Prime Hong Kong and IS Prime Australia PTY Ltd.

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