April 28, 2021 - Industry veteran, Chris Rowe, has set up a FinTech consultancy business working with innovative FinTech providers in the FX and CFD trading space. Registered as a UK company, Financial Technology Consultancy Services Ltd (FTCS) works with tech firms worldwide to market their services to global FX and CFD brokers.

The new business offers a free consultancy service to FX / CFD brokers looking to either access the latest technology or to solve individual problems faced by a broker. Areas covered include compliance and RegTech, efficient client onboarding tools, trading platforms and platform enhancements / integrations and bridging / aggregation. FTCS works with both established companies, or start-up companies wanting to make an entrance into the trading space.

Chris Rowe commented on the announcement, "The concept of the business is to help small, innovative technology companies access sales and marketing resources that would normally be unavailable to them or cost prohibitive due to their size. By providing these services as part of a consultancy offering it is possible for small FinTech companies to benefit from the sort of sales and marketing support that their larger competitors have in-house."

Rowe came in to the FX trading industry in 2013, working in Sales at Gold-i for almost 6 years. Financial Technology Services Ltd Ltd was incorporated in March 2021 and is already working with a number of well-known FinTech names to gain relevant customers in the FX and CFD space.