January 27, 2022 - CySEC regulated FX and CFD liquidity provider Match-Prime has increased the number of unique coins available to clients to over 50. Newly added assets include native, ERC-20, TRC-10 and others. Thanks to the company's strategic partnership with Match-Trade Technologies, all mentioned digital assets are available to Match-Prime customers on the spot.

Kyriakos Petallides, Match-Prime’s Head of Dealing on Own Account, explains, “Time is running fast, we have been observing an increasing share of potential customers in the retail market, people who are more interested in digital than in traditional money markets. Certainly, it is an attractive group that retail brokers are fighting for more boldly. Well established companies often forget that digital assets can be applied in many sectors. When creating our offer, we tried to look at the entire cryptocurrency market, even those coins that liquidity providers rarely even consider. I mean products related to gaming, like Axie Infinity or Decentraland, or Fan Tokens of the most famous football clubs, including FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus. This issue often appears during conversations with our clients- how we can help them become more attractive for traders to succeed in this changing market. Today we meet those requests by providing our clients with an interesting selection of products that can be used to increase profits.”

Andreas Kapsos, CEO of Match-Prime Liquidity, adds, “The digital assets market has been growing for a long time; we can probably assume that this whole decade will be theirs. Estimations say that the crypto market cap roughly tripled in 2021. There was a time it nearly reached $3 trillion! We have reasons to be optimistic; however, we need to understand how volatile the market is. New instruments appear faster than ever, almost every day, and then all it takes is just one tweet, one celebrity mention, for the prices to skyrocket. Our customers, especially retail brokers, don’t have time to waste. We understand and respect that, hence our large-scale operations. In our company, we act in advance, analyse and collect information to deliver what our clients need, as fast as possible. Of course, we’re always open to any suggestions. We can add something new at the client’s request in just a few days! I can assure you that this is not the end of the changes, and we will extend our list very soon.”

To contact Match-Prime Liquidity's sales team directly about their new range of cryptos, please use the link below