June 16, 2022 - The RoboMarkets Group has started a bank for Asian clients with headquarters in the Financial Park Complex in Labuan.

RM Investment Bank is a member of the RoboMarkets Group operating under Labuan FSA licence and is intended to provide clients from Asian countries with investment services.

RM Investment Bank offers its clients and partners 7 asset types and over 10,000 investment instruments, 5 account types with investment conditions, investment platforms and a multi level affiliate programme.

In August 2019, RoboMarkets Asia opened its regional headquarters in Malaysia after obtaining the Labuan licence for the provision of services to Asian clients. Since then, the company's business has expanded and the acquisition of the licence and the start of RM Investment Bank are the next steps in the company's development.

Dr. Rostyslav Prus, RM Investment Bank Managing Director, commented: "Our company has started the RM Investment Bank, the first licensed investment bank in the RoboMarkets Group, and this makes us very happy. This marks an important milestone in the Group's history, which will surely help us to expand our business in this jurisdiction. We are very proud of the variety of our services to clients and partners because they are equal in quality for anyone, regardless of investing experience and invested sums".