T4B Terminal Cost Overview_img.jpg

25 September, 2019 – Tools For Brokers, a B2B FX technology provider offering plug-ins and add-ons for FX Brokers, today announces the launch of "Terminal Cost Overview", the latest in its suite of solutions for currency traders.

Integrated with MetaTrader 4 (MT4),Terminal Cost Overview presents traders with a full picture of their costs for spread, commissions, and swaps – in the currency of their deposit – before they make a trade.

The new tool uses the MetaTrader 4 Manager API to connect to the MT4 server, pulling in current trade and account data for up to 25,000 separate accounts, displaying the data in a dashboard on the client server, refreshing the data every 60 seconds.

Albina Zhdanova, Chief Operating Officer at Tools For Brokers commented, “The foreign exchange industry is highly regulated. While regulations differ from country to country, having full visibility of costs allows traders to make transactions safe in the knowledge that they’re fully compliant, wherever they’re located.”

“The level of transparency that Terminal Cost Overview offers will always be attractive to traders,” she added, “It means there can never be any surprises - with commission, for example - that could affect the return on their transactions.”