May 26, 2022 - Retail broker technology company Tools for Brokers has announced the release of TFB Toolbox, the new solution for TFB plugin and application management.

The TFB Toolbox is a multi-component product in the form of a web user interface. The solution is installed on a separate platform and does not require access to the client’s main servers, making it more secure.

The TFB Toolbox targets several client pain points, such as inconvenient settings and configuration processes, having to learn new interfaces for each new solution, and constantly switching between the systems. The solution acts as an admin portal that enables clients to do all the work with their TFB plugins and applications in a single user interface.

Currently, the following TFB products are available through the console: Credit Management, Dynamic Leverage Changer, and Group Exact Copier. In the upcoming months, Tools for Brokers will be adding more plugins and role-based access, and continue to work on the solution’s usability.

Commenting on the release, Alexey Kutsenko, the CEO of Tools for Brokers, said, “The TFB Toolbox is a result of our 11 years of experience. We have created hundreds of solutions that target a specific broker’s needs - and we know for a fact how inconvenient it is to manage all sorts of tools and plugins using standard configuration styles. After a year of preparations and research, we came up with the Toolbox - a system that takes the experience of working with TFB products to a completely new level.”