November 8, 2021 - FX and CFD broker technology company Your Bourse has announced the release of its latest FIX API solutions for MT4/MT5 brokers as part of their Platform-as-a-Service, with unique capabilities that enhance the customer experience and protect profitability.

The recently released Your Bourse FIX API includes the capability to issue FIX API sessions on the go from the Your Bourse portal, takes price feed alerts and customises volume bands, as well as mark-up/spread profiles.

Brokers that partner with Your Bourse can work either via MT4/5 or independently with their own margin engine and therefore will be able to offer margin accounts in MT4/MT5 or Your Bourse platform. Brokers will benefit from the speed, security, and flexibility that the Your Bourse FIX server can offer.

Elina Pedersen, Co-CEO, CMO Your Bourse, comments, “With this latest release Your Bourse is looking to continue to consolidate its position as technology leader for FX and CFD brokers and increases the unparalleled value that Your Bourse Platform-as-a-Service offers as a Matching Engine and Liquidity Aggregation solution.”

The FIX API will provide additional options to onboard institutional brokers looking to provide FIX API to traders and clients looking to start offering liquidity – all supported with World-class 24/7 customer service - SLA 99.999.

Your Bourse provides a Platform-as-a-Service solution for the retail and institutional MT4/MT5 and crypto brokers: MT5 Gateways/MT4 Bridges, Matching Engine with multi-asset liquidity aggregation, Risk Management, Client Profiling and Real-time reporting, MT4 / MT5 Hosting in all Equinix data centers with 99.999% SLA and hot and cold backups, MT4/MT5 white labels as well as plugins for MT4 and MT5.