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Find the best liquidity providers/services for your eFX/CFD trading business.

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Liquidity Finder assists your electronic trading business find the best suited Liquidity Providers, and Technology partners, to support your growing business. Our FCA regulated service will help you make your partner choices more efficiently, and accelerate your time to market.
(N.B. This service is provided for institutional / professional users only)

About Liquidity Finder

  • Finding and maintaining optimal liquidity in the B2B sector is a continual challenge. The landscape of providers, and what they offer, is constantly evolving. There is no “one-size-fits-all” provider, and there is no standard client. Every relationship has different demands - on both sides. Liquidity Finder aims to be an objective source for those looking for liquidity, and those offering it; to help the right partners find each other.

    Our Goal

    Liquidity Finder aims to be as objective as possible in matching businesses looking for liquidity, with those that can provide it. Finding liquidity can be a long drawn-out process. Liquidity Finder will cut down the time it takes to find and introduce businesses that can do business with each other, with the objective being that these businesses have a sustainable and profitable relationship.

  • Considerable time and effort is often spent by businesses contacting each other, one after another, in the hunt for the right partner. Our service allows our users to find suitable liquidity providers specifically able to address their needs immediately, making the process of shortlisting much more efficient.

    Our Values

    Liquidity Finder stresses great importance on being both objective and fair in all dealings with businesses using the service. We will go the extra mile to ensure that every opportunity is explored so that companies find long-lasting sustainable relationships with one another. Your success is our success. We respect the competitive nature of this industry and all information we receive will be handled sensitively and in the strictest confidence.

  • Liquidity Finder allows liquidity providers to be presented side by side with their peers in the industry, allowing potential clients to make a fair comparison. Vice versa all clients are presented equally to each selected Liquidity Provider fairly and simultaneously. As a result, all users have equal access to each other to make an objective assessment as to whether they are compatible.

    Sam Low, CEO and Founder

    Sam has spent over 12 years in the eFX trading space working for technology providers. As aggregation and delivery technology improved over that time, one thing has remained constant - the challenge of sourcing liquidity. Clients come in all shapes and sizes, as do liquidity providers. Risk appetites are continuously evolving, and are dictated by geo-political, macro-economic, regulatory, technology, business and other factors. Experience has shown that there is a need for a service to assist both sides in this complex equation, which led to the creation of Liquidity Finder.

How It Works

Three Easy Steps

  • Share Your Details

    Use our online service to fill out a few key details about your company, and what your requirements are.

  • Select Your Providers

    We provide data from providers allowing you to compare and select potential partners on an equal basis.

  • Connect Efficiently

    Streamline your contact with your selected providers by submitting a one-time enquiry.

  • FCA Regulated

  • Secure Encryption

  • Objective & Confidential

  • Customized Services

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