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We are aware that certain individuals are using the name of Liquidity Finder, and claiming to be employees of the company, in an effort to gain control of computers by giving the impression they are assisting with gaining access to Bitcoin in their accounts at Crypto companies. The individuals have made reference to a website . This site has no relation to our business. We are aware that claims are being made by these individuals that they are employees of Liquidity Finder and are based in Frankfurt (and maybe elsewhere). Liquidity Finder does not have any offices or employees outside of the UK and does not hold any financial or crypto client accounts.

Liquidity Finder - Simplifying your Liquidity Search

Rather than spending countless hours searching, Let us streamline the process for you!

CEO and Founder

Sam Low

LiquidityFinder was created to take the friction out of the process of sourcing Business to Business (B2B) liquidity; to become the central reference point for liquidity in OTC electronic markets, and the means to access them.

The company was founded by Sam Low who has spent over 15 years in the eFX / OTC trading space working for trading technology providers.

As aggregation and delivery technology improved over that time, one thing remained constant - the challenge of sourcing appropriate, competitive and sustainable liquidity. An optimised trading business depends not only on its technology, but also on the quality and appropriateness of its pricing. With a widely distributed and constantly evolving landscape of liquidity providers, Sam recognised that there is a need for a single point of reference for the buy-side (Liquidity Consumers); to help them understand the What? Who? and Where? of Liquidity Provision.

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Recent Testimonials
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    Sam, thanks so much for your help


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    I am glad I was introduced to you

    Shaheen Khan ARC Capital Markets, South Africa

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    Thank you for your support Sam


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    The LPs contacted me. Nice work. Thank you so much!


Why use Liquidity Finder?

Some of the benefits of Liquidity Finder

  • Up to Date Information

    Liquidity Finder does the hard work for you. Our objective research keeps you up to date with the latest offerings from providers.

  • Giving You Control

    You are in the driving seat. Describe your business once only and to only those businesses that match your requirements.

  • Efficient & Effective

    Use our communication tools to submit RFPs for liquidity, even on a single instrument.

  • More Choice

    We aim for full market coverage to keep you as informed as possible, helping you make the right decisions on liquidity provision for your business.

  • Less Work

    As the choice of liquidity providers grows, the amount of research required also grows. Liquidity Finder cuts down the time taken to find the providers relevant to you..

  • Peace of Mind

    No bias - Liquidity Finder works with each Liquidity Provider equally. We present each LP as objectively and fairly as possible, to let you decide who is right for your business.


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