February 9, 2021– Liquidity-neutral multi-asset trading technology provider oneZero has today revealed the company’s ‘Institutional Hub’. The Institutional Hub sits in oneZero’s suite of Hubs that also includes ‘Retail Broker Hub’ and ‘Liquidity Provider Hub’ - each hub provides solutions for the specific needs of each client segment. The Institutional Hub is targeted at institutional brokers, prime of prime providers and banks.

oneZero’s Institutional Hub allows institutional clients to define all trading criteria with advanced aggregation, price formation, customised distribution, risk management and systematic hedging. Comprehensive price formation capabilities are used in conjunction with intelligence gained from Insights allowing institutional brokers and banks to analyse their liquidity provider performance and client trading behaviour.

The oneZero platform also includes EcoSystem for market access and cloud-based Data Source for business intelligence. oneZero enables Institutional Hub clients to facilitate bilateral relationships between their customers and their liquidity sources. Liquidity management is backed up by the stored quote and trade data that is transformed into actionable analytics.

oneZero’s Institutional Hub is part of the company's Software as a Service (SaaS) offering which allows clients to get to market quickly, as it utilises EcoSystem’s connectivity. oneZero EcoSystem currently routes billions of quotes daily. Supporting this and the firm’s other services are over 100 staff with a follow-the-sun support model. oneZero has a global operations team based in Asia, Europe and the United States providing customer support 24/5.5 to clients in their own time zone. oneZero is certified to the standards of ISO 27001.

“The Institutional Hub user interface gives control back to the trader, presenting them with a simplistic way of executing complicated workflows. Clients can compare full amount trades with sweepable and bespoke streams,” commented Uri Lerman, oneZero’s Segment Manager - Wholesale Brokers.

oneZero recently announced the appointment of Stuart Brock as Head of Institutional Sales, UK and Continental Europe, as the company continues to bolster their institutional offering and European footprint.

In 2019, private equity firm Lovell Minnick Partners invested in the firm and FX industry veteran Phil Weisberg was named EVP of Strategic Planning and Partnerships. In 2020, David Quinlan, previously Executive Managing Director at Eze Software, joined the Board of Directors.