CHARLOTTE, 26 June 2019 – Advanced Markets Group today announces the addition of 8 major cryptocurrency CFDs to its Prime of Prime liquidity product suite. The firm now offers CFD trading in:


Bitcoin Cash







Interest in the cryptocurrency markets is reviving after the recent rebound in the value of Bitcoin, and Facebook's recent announcement that it plans to introduce its own cryptocurrency, Libra.

Investment Horizon Expansion for Clients

Natallia Hunik, Advanced Markets’ Global Head of Sales, commented, “The cryptocurrency market has had its up and downs, but it’s certainly emerging as an asset class on a global arena. Despite uncertainty surrounding the outlook for many of the cryptocurrencies, we see a growing adoption of crypto by both retail and institutional investors, proving that it has the merits to exist”. “We are proud to start offering crypto CFD pricing and execution to our institutional clients as they look to expand their investment horizons and take advantage of this highly volatile asset class.”

Advanced Markets’ CEO, Anthony Brocco added that “the firm is committed to its core business model of providing institutional, transparent Direct Market Access to multiple markets and trade opportunities. The addition of cryptocurrencies highlights the fact that Advanced Markets remains focused on the interests of its valued client base and is continually looking to expand and improve upon its industry-leading offering”.

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