11 November 2019 –Advanced Markets Group announce the addition of Single Stock CFDs to its suite of tradable products.

Advanced Markets Single Stock CFDs are offered in regulated environments (FCA UK and ASIC Australia) with the full benefits of equity trading such as dividend distribution and extended market hours.

Complete Offering on Stock CFDs

The initial package of Single Stock CFDs consists mostly of large-cap US, European and Asian Stocks, and the company will be expanding further from here by adding more geographies and expanding into mid-cap. Advanced Markets’ complete offering on Stock CFDs can be accessed via FIX API and various front-end platforms. The company also offers extended trading hours on selected Single Stock CFDs.

AM-Single-Stock CFDs.png
Advanced Markets' new single-stock CFD offering

Natallia Hunik, Chief Revenue Officer at Advanced Markets Group commented: I believe that access to US equities is the most sought after, due to the fact that the U.S. market is the largest, and most valuable stock market in the world today. We offer a wide range of company stocks, including the most notable US tech giants as well as the largest European and Asian companies listed on the US exchanges”.

Advanced Markets has been a 100% DMA broker since 2006. The Company states that it remains convinced that the only way to provide a transparent, and fair, trading environment is by being an agency broker, allowing clients to participate in financial trading without having an inherent conflict of interest with their broker.

As with other asset classes, Advanced Markets offers Single Stock CFDs on an agency basis.