October 26, 2022 - AlgoTrader has officially changed its name to Wyden to incorporate a single-brand approach across all markets and solutions with a view to enhancing its customer and brand experience for institutional clients.

A digital asset trading and orchestration technology provider for buy- and sell-side client, Wyden is aiming to leave behind its image as a purely algorithmic trading software vendor. This is part of Wyden's overall strategy and the logical next step to target banking clients.

Wyden integrates with leading custody, core banking and portfolio management system providers, enabling coverage of the full trade lifecycle for crypto and digital assets – for banks, hedge funds, crypto funds and asset managers alike.

The modulate trading platform, aims to ensure execution by defragmenting liquidity through market-wide connectivity and end-to-end trade automation and orchestration.

Wyden CEO Andy Flury has proudly anticipated the renaming: "We have come a long way from our beginning as a quant-oriented vendor to become an integrated digital asset trading technology provider serving as the infrastructure backbone for financial institutions – but our DNA is still that of a tech company. Today it is about cryptocurrencies, yet in the future every type of asset from shares to real estate and art will be tokenized – requiring a new generation of financial technology. And we at Wyden are striving to build that for our clients."

Felix Saible, Chief Marketing Officer at Wyden, added: "By creating a strong and unique brand we offer enhanced orientation and guidance across our global markets, which pays off in terms of company value. I am pleased that the rebranding comes amid a highly successful year in terms of banking client and headcount growth, and will mark another milestone in 2022 – altogether making a fine baseline for our upcoming series B."