March 03, 2022 - Digital Asset clearing network BOSONIC has hired James Roddy for Institutional Sales in London. Roddy was most recently at VIHBS Financial UK, based in London, where he was Business Development manager for the past 6 years,

Rosario Ingargiola Bosonic.png

Rosario Ingargiola, CEO and Founder, BOSONIC

Previously called OTCXN, BOSONIC provides a non-custodial real-time clearing and settlement infrastructure for Institutional Digital Asset Trading. Founded in 2016 by Rosario Ingargiola, the Bosonic Network provides institutional clients with a patented solution that is custodian-agnostic, enables tokenisation of assets and collateral, provides liquidity aggregation and DMA to the Exchanges and Market-Makers with real-time payment vs payment (PvP) atomic execution and settlement, with cross-margining, cross-custodian net settlement and payments.

Roddy has made the shift to DeFi / dFMI from traditional Retail / Institutional broking where he looked after High Net Worth Individuals and corporate B2B accounts. Commentingg on the shift into this developing space, James Roddy said, "I made the move because the future of financial markets infrastructure is rapidly evolving and Bosonic have a fantastic team that are providing a dFMI Network that’s revolutionising the Digital Assets financial services sector."

In June 2021, DMG Blockchain Solutions invested $2 million in Bosonic to accelerate the development of its Blockseer Core+ strategy, providing access to institutional exchanges and and BOSONIC's layer-2 clearing and settlement solutions.

In October 2021, BOSONIC strengthened its advisory board adding Sean Gilman, co-Founder of HC Tech, Richard Farrell, formerly Global Head of Sales at State Street, and Chad Parris, former CTO at State Street Currenex.