September 07, 2022 - Broadway, a provider of front-office solutions, announced it has partnered with MarketAxess Holdings Inc. the operator of an electronic trading platform for fixed-income securities, and the provider of market data and post-trade services for the global fixed-income markets, to build and support a U.S. Treasury Request for Quote (RFQ) workflow feature in the MarketAxess U.S. Treasuries marketplace. The feature is currently live and available to all joint customers.

The new integration builds on the existing MarketAxess Live Markets Rates partnership and now includes RFQ, giving mutual dealer clients the ability to respond to UST inquiries from MarketAxess’ customer base.

The MarketAxess trading ecosystem connects a trusted community of primary and regional dealers, professional trading firms and buy-side clients to trade on- and off-the-run U.S. Treasuries. It combines credit and rates trading capabilities into a single solution to give investor and dealer clients greater flexibility in trading across the fixed income universe.

“Broadway continues to invest to bring our clients the most comprehensive functionality they need to power their fixed income trading operations and attain a competitive advantage,” said Bruce Boytim, COO of Broadway. “With this new integration with MarketAxess, Broadway clients can now benefit from a connection to one of the deepest liquidity pools and network of over 1,900 firms around the globe.”