August 19, 2020 - The Average Daily traded Volume submitted to CLS for July 2020 was $1.66 trillion, down 6.8 percent from $1.78 trillion in June 2020

CLS’s Head of Information Services, Masami Johnstone, commented:

“Consistent with the summer holiday season, we saw subdued levels of average daily traded volumes in July 2020. Daily traded volumes were $1.66 trillion, down 7% from June 2020, comprising FX swap volumes of $1.191 trillion (-3.6%), forward volumes of USD 80 billion (-20%) and spot volumes of $386 billion (-12.9%). Compared to the previous year the overall trend was also down, with a decrease of 4.8% and 27.9% in FX swap volumes and forward volumes respectively, while spot volumes were relatively unchanged (-0.5%).

“Of particular note is the considerable downward trend in forward volumes compared to the previous month and year - a trend that started in April 2020 and has continued through to July.”