June 04, 2021 - CME FX Futures have a near record number of large open interest (OI) holders, with 1,248 large OI positions as of May 18, according to the CFTC.

The number of large open interest holders, which is up 23.3% over June last year, has been underpinned by strong buyside adoption which is illustrated by all-time record net longs from Asset Managers in EUR and CAD, along with a 10 year record net long from Asset Managers in GBP (all as of May 18th)

As of June 1st there was over $208bn in open interest for CME Listed FX products, and in the March roll customers rolled on average 80% of their Open Interest in the G5 currency pairs

“In addition to seeking access to clearing, greater transparency and capital efficiencies, buyside participants are attracted by the liquidity in our markets which is strengthened further as open interest and the diversity of participants continues to increase’’ said Paul Houston, CME Group Global Head of FX. “The reduction in minimum price increments across major FX pairs over the last 18 months in both the central limit order book and for blocks means trading in our markets is as cost effective as ever.”