September 13, 2021 - Emerging markets FX focused institutional ECN DMA Link has announced a partnership with Axyon AI to enable Deep Learning artificial intelligence for uses of its technology stack, allowing them to dynamically manage liquidity, detect market and order anomalies and create smart algos for FX trade execution.

DMALINK™ is an established FX cash and precious metals centrally cleared execution platform supporting some of the world’s largest institutional participants to effectively manage their exposure across 63 currency pairs through our wide-reaching network of regional liquidity access points in London (LD6) and New York (NY4).

Axyon AI is a European FinTech company with expertise in Deep Learning/AI for asset management and trading firms. Axyon AI has products in several financial use-cases, from security selection and asset allocation to anomaly detection in option pricing.

Manu Choudhary, Chief Executive Officer of DMALINK, commented, "In spite of the pace of innovation within the e-FX space, liquidity management, anomaly detection and algos have been left behind by advances in deep learning AI technology. The ability for Axyon AI's deep learning technology to leverage insights in a fraction of the time of a human-driven equivalent provides opportunities for the procurement and analysis of unique data to dynamically manage liquidity, risk and trade execution for the first time."

According to the press announcement, Axyon AI's technology will combine with DMALINK's ECN infrastructure to 'radically modernise FX trading. For the buy side, deep learning models will considerably improve the quality of order fills. For the sell side, the application will ensure a positive yield curve. The deep learning technology will also detect market anomalies in spot FX allowing DMALINK participants access to one of the most powerful risk management tools developed in the e-FX space. Smart algos, dynamically created by the AI will instantly adjust trade execution as a function of the market dynamics.'

Daniele Grassi, Chief Executive Officer of Axyon AI, says "We believe that deep learning has just begun to transform financial markets, increasing efficiency and improving risk management. Our partnership with DMALINK will be a driver of this paradigm shift for the FX trading industry."

Axyon AI is a leading player in deep learning, the newest area of machine learning artificial intelligence, for time series forecasting. Axyon AI partners with asset managers and hedge funds to deliver consistently high-performing end-to-end AI powered quantitative insights and investment strategies.

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