November 10, 2020 - DMALINK, a provider of institutional FX trading and RegTech services, has partnered with Gold-i to offer its emerging markets liquidity through Gold-i’s Matrix NET.

The partnership between DMALINK and Gold-i enables DMALINK to increase its global footprint, particularly in the APAC region where Gold-i has a strong client base. It enables Gold-i’s clients to benefit from a broader choice of liquidity including RegTech services and, in particular, enhances Gold-i’s offering for institutional clients – an increasingly key market segment for the global Fintech firm.

Michael Siwek DMALINK 1.png
Michael Siwek, Founding Partner, DMALINK

Michael Siwek, Founding Partner, DMALINK comments, “Our partnership with Gold-i enables us to make our institutional liquidity available to a wider network of participants – particularly clients who may not ordinarily be able to access aggregated Tier 1 liquidity from a market maker. We offer skewed pricing through regional bank and non-bank LPs, with lit and unlit pools of pricing available to qualifying participants. Having access to Gold-i’s global client base creates a great growth opportunity for DMALINK.”

Goldi matrix-network.png
Gold-i's Matrix NET

Tom Higgins, Founder and CEO, Gold-i adds, “We are delighted that DMALINK has chosen to join Gold-i’s Matrix NETwork, providing Gold-i clients with a broader choice. With its focus on emerging markets, and no brokerage fees to market makers, DMALINK’s institutional liquidity will undoubtedly be of great interest to our clients, giving them access to currencies which are often hard to source.”

DMALINK services industry leaders including banks, hedge funds, money managers, corporates and proprietary trading firms globally, with a particular focus on emerging currencies including the Chinese Renminbi (CNH), South African Rand, Mexican Peso, Russian Ruble, Czech Koruna, Polish Zloty, Israeli Shekel, Hungarian Forint and regular G7 pairs in addition to XAU as well as Middle Eastern crosses.

DMALINK is an independent electronic trading, analytics and market data venue for professional FX traders globally. All liquidity pools are proactively constructed across key emerging markets. Its platform participants benefit from advanced order analytics data and granular reporting. From December 2020, benchmarked execution services will be available to all participants, ensuring price transparency across all platform participants.

A major part of DMALINK's plans for growth was announced in September when the company announced that it now has a Tier-1 Prime Broker as a central clearer for its ECN.

Please use the form below to contact DMALINK directly with any questions about accessing their Emerging Marlet liquidity via Gold-i's Matrix NET platform: