11 February 2020 - Equiti Capital announces today that it has partnered with technology provider Gold-i to offer its multi-asset liquidity to Gold-i’s global client base.

This latest development from the Prime Broker division of Equiti Capital enables its FX, metals and CFD liquidity to be available through Gold-i’s Matrix. This opens up significant new business opportunities for Equiti Capital as they continue to extend their business-to-business offering. Mitesh Vaghela, Director of Product at Equiti, said: “Gold-i has a solid and respected reputation for world class products and Matrix is no exception. Equiti’s integration with Gold-i will be a significant value-add to Equiti Capital, and the Equiti Group, given Gold-i’s extensive client base in regions that supports Equiti’s global growth strategy.”

Mitesh Vaghela, Director of Products, Equiti Capital.jpg
Mitesh Vaghela, Director of Products, Equiti Capital

For Gold-i, the partnership supports both company’s global growth strategies and, in particular, strengthens its offering for clients in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions, where Equiti has a strong reputation for excellence, client support and service delivery.

Joy Li, Head of Business Development Asia Pacific for Gold-i, added: “We are delighted that Equiti Capital has joined our Matrix NETwork. They are a highly reputable global firm with excellent multi-asset liquidity. Having Equiti Capital in our NETwork will open new opportunities for our clients in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe regions.

“Gold-i continually strengthens our offering by providing clients with the best liquidity in the market at the best prices. We ensure that our clients can access multi-asset liquidity in an optimal way.”

Vincent Pang Equiti Capital.png
Vincent Pang, Head of Asia Pacific, Equiti Capital

Vincent Pang, Head of Asia Pacific region at Equiti Capital, said: “Equiti is very pleased to strengthen and expand its position in the Asia-Pac region through the partnership with Gold-i. One of Equiti’s key strengths is collaboration. We work with the best in class trading solution providers and vendors to ensure our clients have an unparalleled trading experience.”

Equiti is constantly expanding its partners’ network with the aim of reaching and servicing a wide client base. These partnerships serve to complement its path of innovation and further enhance its access to the latest technology required to compete effectively across global markets.

Mohammed Isbeer, Head of Brokerage at Equiti, added: “Equiti is delighted to stream our strong liquidity through Gold-i’s platform and connect directly with our clients. Gold-i has been one of the most progressive and innovative technology providers in the industry in recent years.”