February 17, 2021 - Multi-asset trading platform provider FDCTech today announced that it has integrated the Condor FX Pro 5.0 with oneZero. The conformance test with Condor FX Pro 5.0 to oneZero's liquidity hub confirmed the certification for a successful quote and trade session using the Condor Gateway. The oneZero liquidity hub allows market participants to connect to over 200 leading Forex providers, cryptocurrencies, and CFD at a fractional cost compared to FX brokers who use other conventional trading platforms.

FDC Tech can now install Condor FX Pro 5.0 and the oneZero's liquidity hub for each broker in various data centers located in London (LD4), New York (NY4), and Tokyo (TY3). As a result of the integration, the Company will provide advanced analytics to dealing desks and global analytics to FX brokers using oneZero's – Data Source, the next-generation, cloud-based business intelligence toolkit. The liquidity hub a fully serviced infrastructure with 24-hour client support and flexible API integrations.

"The integration of Condor FX Pro 5.0 with oneZero's liquidity hub is central to our complete platform offering to FX brokers," said FDC Founder and CEO Mitchell M. Eaglstein. He added: "We are offering a fully customisable, robust, and unique retail FX platform with a wide range of expert trading tools for fast execution, low latency, comprehensive risk management system, and coupled with direct access to over 200 plus global liquidity providers."