October 14, 2022 - Capitalise.ai, an AI-based trading automation company, and FOREX.com, a US based broker, announced today the launch of a new automated trading scenarios product for FOREX.com's U.S. clients. FOREX.com is currently the only U.S. broker to offer leveraged spot FX trading for clients.

The Capitalise.ai technology enables FOREX.com traders to develop automated trading strategies in plain English without needing advanced programming knowledge.

Sixto Alonso, Regional Director of FOREX.com Americas commented, "At FOREX.com we're committed to providing our clients tools that deliver a high degree of value to their trading experience. Partnering with best-in-class products such as Performance Analytics, Capitalise.ai allows us to fulfil that commitment by adding easy-to-use automation to our clients' trading arsenal. We're excited to be the first retail leveraged spot FX broker in the US to deploy this innovative technology and believe it will be a significant enhancement to the FOREX.com interface."

Capitalise.ai's interface "wizard" allows traders to create trading strategies or alerts, which can be automatically executed in FOREX.com trading accounts, using a no-code, free-style English text input tool.

Automated trading plans can be simple or sophisticated with up to hundreds of entry or exit conditions. Capitalise.ai leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to make algorithm trading available to all traders, regardless of their coding ability.

To benefit from free access to the Capitalise.ai full suite of automated capabilities, FOREX.com traders should create a complimentary Capitalise.ai account and then connect their FOREX.com login details. New FOREX.com clients can also enjoy all the benefits of the Capitalise.ai service once they have signed up.

FOREX.com traders will also be able to access Capitalise.ai's mobile app for Android and iOS, facilitating trading automation any time the markets are open.

Amir Shiovich, Capitalise.ai CEO & Co-Founder: "In 2022, Capitalise.ai continues to show impressive growth as our increases in trading activity and new traders dramatically outperform our quarterly expectations. Our new partnership with FOREX.com is a vote of confidence for our easy-to-use online trading automation capabilities from one of the industry's most established and trusted brokers. Our team is excited to have FOREX.com on board, and we look forward to adding value to their traders' day-to-day trading experience."