30 July, 2020 - FXCubic, a technology provider offering connectivity services to Institutional and Retail FX brokers, has today announced the launch of its new real-time bridge markup API.

According to the company's press release, the API allows brokers to instantly adjust mark-ups in real-time based on their chosen algorithm, reflecting their business model and current market conditions. The real-time API allows brokers the flexibility to adapt and react to market conditions and the status of their own book, while monitoring their total exposure and adjusting their mark-ups (per trading instrument) to ensure maximum profitability.

Ege Kozan, FXCubic CEO, commented: “We believe this is truly groundbreaking, as this kind of technology has never been accessible to the vast majority of brokers. When used right, such technology can have a big impact on a broker’s profitability, so we are expecting our clients to take full advantage of this new tool and apply it to their business very rapidly."