July 04, 2022 - Bank-owned FX and Precious Metals streaming price provider FXSpotStream has released volume figures for June 2022, recording its second highest ADV ever, and registering the second-highest total volume in any month. (June's ADV surpasses the previous second highest ADV record set in February 2022).

FXSpotStream June 2022.png

FXSpotStream Monthly ADV, January 2016 - June 2022

In addition, June's ADV of $63.837 billion is a 9.32% increase over May's ADV of $58.392 billion and is the sixth consecutive month supporting well over $ 1trillion in total volume. In H1 2022, FXSpotStream supported $7.963 trillion, with an H1 ADV of $61.731 billion - an increase of 23.93% compared to H1 2021.

• FXSpotStream’s ADV Month-on-Month (June 2022 vs May 2022) increased 9.32% to $63.837 billion
• FXSpotStream’s ADV Year-on-Year (June 2022 vs June 2021) increased 30.04%
• FXSpotStream’s Overall Volume Year-on-Year (June 2022 vs June 2021) increased 30.04% to $1.404 trillion, the 6th month in a row with supported volume well over $1 Trillion
• FXSpotStream's ADV Year To Date (January-June 2022) is $61.731 billion, an increase of 23.93% compared to the same period last year
(ADV figures for June are based on 22 trading days.)

FXSpotStream provides clients, via a normalised API, access to over 70 different Algos and 200+ Algo parameters supported by the FXSpotStream Liquidity Providers. Earlier this month FXSpotStream added all Algos to their GUI, and clients can now choose to access the LP Algos via either the API or the GUI.

FXSpotStream were recently crowned as the 'Best Venue for Spot' in the FX Markets e-FX Awards 2022. To view a full list of all FXSpotStream awards, please click here.