October 03, 2022 - Bank-owned FX and Precious Metals streaming price provider FXSpotStream has released volume figures for September, registering a new record Average Daily Volume (ADV) high, surpassing the ADV record set in March of this year. September's ADV of $73.351 billion is a 20.45% increase Mont-on-Mont over August's ADV of $60.898 billion and completes what has been the highest volume quarter in the company's history. In Q3 2022, FXSpotStream supported $4.359 trillion, with a Q3 ADV of $66.048 billion.

September also represents a 51.7% increase in ADV Year-on-Year when compared to September 2021. This Year-on-Year growth is an indicator of the continued market share gains as FXSpotStream. The company says it, "continues to grow at the fastest rate of any FX service reporting volumes".

Year to date (January-September) in 2022 FXSpotStream has supported $12.322 trillion, with an ADV of $63.192 billion during that period - an increase of 30.37% compared to the same period last year (January-September).

• FXSpotStream’s ADV Month-on-Month (September 2022 vs August 2022) increased 20.45%
• FXSpotStream’s ADV Year-on-Year (September 2022 vs September 2021) increased 51.7%
• FXSpotStream’s Overall Volume Year-on-Year (September ‘22 vs September ‘21) increased 51.7% to $1.613 trillion, the highest ever on the Service
• FXSpotStream's ADV YTD (January-September 2022) is $63.192 billion, an increase of 30.37% compared to the same period last year

FXSpotStream's ADV figures for September are based on 22 trading days.

Last year, FXSpotStream launched access to Liquidity Provider algos and allocations functionality via its API. In June it was announced that the access via a normalized API to over 70 different Algos and 200+ Algo parameters supported by the FSS LPs is now available over their GUI.