1 July, 2020 - June appeared to show a bounce-back in Average Daily Volumes (ADV) on the major platforms. FXSpotStream has today reported a significant jump in Average Daily Volumes for June 2020, compared to the previous month. June was the third highest month ever in terms of ADV at USD 43.287 billion, a 19.88% increase MoM (June ’20 vs May ’20). CBOE HotSpot also released figures for June showing a 10.38% jump in ADV.

FXSpotStream’s Overall Volume reached USD 952.323 billion, a 25.59% MoM increase (June ’20 vs May ’20) and an increase of 12.68% YoY (June ’20 vs June ’19).

FXSpotStream’s ADV MoM (June ’20 vs May ’20) increased 19.88% to USD 43.287 billion

FXSpotStream’s ADV YoY (June ’20 vs June ’19) increased 2.44%

FXSpotStream’s 2020 ADV (Jan-June) is USD 43.425 billion, up 18.66% when compared to the same period during 2019 of USD36.595 billion

CBOE HotSpot's June ADV figures were also released earlier today, coming in at $34.621 billion. This is a 10.38% increase on the previous month. Other companies are will release their June ADVs over the coming days. Should we expect that they will also show significant increases compared to May?

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