June 28, 2022 - Multi-asset liquidity provider Finalto has created a new analytics platform to ensure that its liquidity clients get the best possible pricing.

Volatility in the past few months has impacted some liquidity markets, but this new platform will ensure that Finalto’s liquidity clients are able to quickly identify trends with their liquidity flow in order to make adjustments.

These adjustments, says the Head of Liquidity at Finalto, Andy Biggs, allow the company to offer better, more sustainable pricing. “We can say ‘hey, we can see why the flow is difficult. Here’s the fact of why it’s difficult. So why don’t we manage the liquidity with a scalpel instead of an axe,” he explained. Finalto has been testing the platform with a select number of clients and is now rolling it out to everyone it provides liquidity to.

Biggs says the reception to the analytics reports has been exceptional, with clients appreciating the transparency of their flow.

The development of the analytics platform is down to investment in the liquidity team, to ensure it stays ahead of the curve. This includes ensuring the team has the technological ability to create the analytics platform to start with.

“We have that capability in-house, it’s all in-house built, it’s all programmed, managed and updated by the liquidity team. The liquidity team is technology proficient, so we’ve built, effectively, the perfect system for looking at the flow that we have,” Biggs explained.

This has only been possible through the work Finalto has done to ensure that it stays head and shoulders above its competitors, highlighted by its recent award win of Best B2B Liquidity Provider at the Ultimate Fintech Awards 2022.

“I’d say over many years we’ve worked continuously with our liquidity providers to provide a best in breed sustainable liquidity for multiple different client types. I think as markets have become more challenging and more volatile, the work that we’ve been doing shines through more than others. Clients trust that we’re going to be there and provide the price when others may not.”

Service available only to Professional clients and varies per jurisdiction – Trading involves significant risk of loss.