June 28, 2022- GMT Trading a crypto and forex trading broker announced that they would incorporate MetaTrader 4 (MT4), an online trading platform used by retail CFD traders and novice traders.

MT4, developed by MetaQuotes, operates on the MQL 4 programming language which allows users to create scripts and indicators for algorithmic trading. "Incorporating MetaTrader 4 on our platform may be perceived by some as a step back, but we know it's actually a leap forward," said Anthony Rich, GMT Trading's spokesperson. "This classic platform opens us up to a different kind of traders - it's friendlier for retail and novice investors. These two sectors are composed of tens of thousands of investors looking to take advantage of the trends in the financial markets, and we are here to aid them in pursuing their goals."

Although MT5 has some significant advantages, many experienced traders choose to stick with MT4.
"MT4 is perceived by many not as an 'older' version, but rather a 'classic' version of the MetaQuotes product," added Anthony Rich. "That's why many investors choose it regardless of their experience level. Not to mention, it's better for the decentralized, open, and highly unregulated global scale of the forex markets."