28 January, 2020 - FinTech firm, Gold-i today announces it has formed a partnership with Tradesocio. As part of the partnership, Gold-i’s multi-asset liquidity management and aggregation solution, Matrix, has been integrated into Tradesocio’s Marketplace along with other Gold-i products including its risk management and business intelligence tool, Visual Edge.

Tradesocio offers trading and investment management platforms to financial institutions worldwide and provides a secure and transparent trading environment with real-time reporting and reliable risk management for investment banks, fund or asset managers and investment advisors. It enables both financial organisations and investors to benefit from a single view of their net asset value, equity and risk exposure in real time.

Tom Higgins Gold-i.jpeg
Tom Higgins, CEO Gold-i

Tom Higgins, CEO at Gold-i stated, “Partnering with Tradesocio extends Gold-i’s offering to investment banks and fund and asset managers, and enables Tradesocio’s clients to benefit from Gold-i’s innovative products. Tradesocio has built an impressive platform for financial institutions worldwide and we look forward to working with them and their clients.”

Wael Salem CEO Tradesocio.jpeg
Wael Salem, CEO Tradesocio

Wael Salem, CEO at Tradesocio added, “Gold-i is one of the few companies out there that deliver consistently reliable products to all their clients, and we are very pleased to have formed this partnership. We have been impressed by Gold-i’s continual focus on driving the market forwards, specifically in terms of their multi-asset liquidity management solutions. In particular, we believe our clients will benefit from their ultra-low latency smart routing products and direct connections to high quality multi-asset Liquidity Providers. Both Gold-i and Tradesocio take great pride in ongoing innovation and high service levels – there are a lot of synergies in our partnership.”

Gold-i is an award-winning UK-headquartered organisation which specialises in multi-asset liquidity management, advanced risk management tools and business intelligence software. For further information, visit [www.gold-i.com](www.gold-i.com).

Established in 2015, Tradesocio is a Singapore-based financial technology provider. With multiple offices around the world, Tradesocio provides custom solutions to financial institutions allowing them to diversify their offering, streamline their operations and develop bespoke financial instruments. Tradesocio changes the way investments are offered, managed and accessed, making the investment process easier for all the parties involved. For more information about Tradesocio, visit www.tradesocio.com.