June 17, 2021 - Electronic trading solutions and algorithmic technology provider Horizon Software has announced today a partnership with Terranoha, a unique AI platform, to integrate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions into its financial system in order to digitise and automate communication to clients and accelerate digital transformation.

This new feature represents an advancement in communication technology for customer support through the Intelligent Robotic Platform (IRP) by Terronaha, a secure AI & BOT SAAS platform, which will enable Horizon to simplify and automate data-driven workflows.

Olivier VirziBW.png
Olivier Virzi, CEO Terranoha

Olivier Virzi, CEO at Terranoha said, “Through this partnership initiative, we aim to develop trading assistants with cross asset and cross language management, with scalable connectivity and high security levels using the strongest encryption methods.

“Our TNA bots integrate into Horizon’s platform and workflow patterns without changing the way the system operates. The integration is designed to connect to Horizon’s data sources, including pricing engines and existing applications such as Excel, Chat, Databases and APIs, delivering the data that their clients need, when they need it, to both the desktop and preferred mobile apps.”

Emmanuel Faure.jpeg
Emmanuel Faure, Head of APAC Sales, Horizon Software

Emmanuel Faure, Head of APAC Sales at Horizon Software commented, “We are honoured to team up with Terranoha and we look forward to integrating their IRP into our system. Through developments in AI, we are certain that their insight and experience will help to streamline the entire process of developing and operating our Horizon platform, therefore optimising our Order management assistant workflow to clients. It will be a game-changer for Horizon and a significant digital transformation.

“Our clients will be able to receive trading signal messages to their desktop and their preferred mobile apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. By delivering trading signals via these platforms, the brokers will be able to attract a new generation of traders. This is a next level development for our trading system, using AI and machine learning to focus on adding essential business value.”

Olivier Virzi was one of the Founders of FX trading platform OLFA Trade which was acquired by Finastra in 2018.

About Horizon Software

Horizon has been empowering capital market players for over two decades by building powerful algorithmic technology into its electronic trading platform and offering trading opportunities through direct connectivity to more than 80 exchanges worldwide. Horizon enables clients to quickly create, test and implement automated trading strategies in real-time, in line with its ‘Trade Your Way’ philosophy. Its platform can be easily integrated with rich APIs and allows proprietary strategies to be built while keeping traders’ code confidential. More information: www.hsoftware.com

About Terranoha

Terranoha is a fintech vendor founded by a team of experts innovating capital market area for 20 years. Based in Geneva, among the financial institutions, the team has made 3 years of Machine Learning & NLP research before creating the company in 2019. Terranoha helps its clients doing more with less. It automates processes in Pre-Trade, Trade & Post Trade on the foundation of existing messaging systems and has 70+ integrations ready off the shelf.