January 12, 2021 - FX technology provider Integral has announced today that Turkey's largest investment bank, IS Investment (IS Yatirim), has extended its use of Integral’s trading technology and MT4 Bridge solutions to expand their products and services.

The addition of IS Investment’s CFD products is the latest development in a decade-long partnership between the two companies. According to today's press release, IS Investment has now centralised all leveraged products through Integral as the sole provider. IS Investment’s established use of Integral’s cloud technology has afforded the group with the full range of functionality, including liquidity aggregation and Bridge connection, which has allowed them to deliver a highly tailored FX and metals – and now CFD – service to their diverse customer base.

“Through challenging times such as the SNB flash crash, we have experienced firsthand how valuable it is to have a high level of customer service supported with the customisable technology of Integral,” said Cuneyt Akdemir, Manager at IS Investment’s International Capital Markets Department. “By allowing us to scale our business in areas such customised FX aggregation, structured derivative hedging, and more recently Contract for Differences (CFD), our cooperation with Integral has proven itself as a strategic partnership which is now a decade long.”

Harpal Sandhu, CEO at Integral said, “We welcome the expansion of our long-standing relationship with IS Investment and are extremely pleased to be able to support them centralise their FX, CFDs, and metals products through a single system. Integral’s technology spans the entire FX and CFD trade lifecycle and delivers a customisable solution that ensures IS Investment is strongly positioned to compete and grow its business.”