4 July 2017 – IS Prime has launched an innovative batch hedging tool to facilitate copy trading. The product enables brokers to provide the same fill price to all traders involved in social trading. The product has been developed in-house in response to client demand.

Jonathan Brewer, Managing Partner at IS Prime explains, “A significant challenge for social trading is that copying clients can often be filled at different rates than the master account, which defeats the very purpose of the strategy. This is a constant problem for brokers – not only do they have to process each trade individually but they also receive regular complaints from clients who have copied a particular trader and yet are not enjoying the same performance.

“IS Prime’s new Batch Hedger addresses these issues. When trades are received from social trading structures, we batch the full order out to the market and split the fills back to the original trade sizes, all at the same average price. This ensures that traders who are copying a given trading strategy get the same prices as the master account. This is a completely bespoke build, which we believe to be unique to IS Prime.”

IS Prime delivers a premium suite of products to an institutional client base. Products include aggregated traditional and non-traditional liquidity, prime of prime capabilities, risk management access and bespoke integration. To request further information about Batch Hedger, please contact info@isprimefx.com or visit www.isprimefx.com