October 10, 2022 - FX and CFD broker M4Markets announced that it has acquired a CySEC license and will now be offering services and products to European traders.

M4Markets and the group behind M4Markets, the Oryx Group, have purchased ICC Intercertus Capital Ltd, a legal company regulated by CySEC. ICC Intercertus Capital Ltd will now be operating under the legal name of Harindale Ltd and will be operating as M4Markets Europe.

Speaking about the new license acquisition, M4Markets Group CEO, Mr. Panikos Teklos, commented that "M4Markets has grown significantly over the past two years and strategically it was the logical next step for us to penetrate the European market as a lot of the European traders are experienced and as passionate about trading as we are. We are committed to maintaining the same level of client service that has helped set M4Markets apart and we will continue to improve our offering to meet the needs of our traders."

Also commenting on the CySEC license, M4Markets Group CMO Mrs. Marilena Iakovou noted that "When we started M4Markets we faced a lot of challenges, it was in the midst of the pandemic, the industry was saturated from competition and against all odds, we've managed to position ourselves as one of the most trusted brokers in the industry. The background of the founders of M4Markets is in investment banking and professional advisory services and we have tried to maintain that level of quality and commitment throughout our services to European traders."