March 18, 2021 - MahiFX have announced today that they have completed a major rebranding, now renaming themselves as MahiMarkets. The company's new websote and branding can be viewed here.

MahiMarkets' technology services have now expanded to include Commodities, CFDS, Crypto, Single Stocks & Options, where they previously focused exclusively on FX.

The company's technology serves a range of market participants including Banks, Brokers and Payment Providers. According to today's press release, the technology, "helps maximise profits, lower risk and increase trading efficiency through bespoke protective features together with advanced signalling and algorithmic techniques".

The 3 main products offered by MahiMarkets, other than consultancy, are:

1) MFX Compass - a pricing and algorithmic risk system
2) MFX Echo - a real-time pricing behaviour monitor
3) MFX Vector - an algorithmic trading system

Susan Cooney, Co-Founder of MahiMarkets, has said of the news, "Despite the troubling global situation over the last year, it has been a period of innovation for the Mahi group. Our robust technology, built and adapted over a ten year timeframe, continues to undergo enhancements that respond to the challenges our customers face today. Our latest offerings not only assist customers in finding and protecting revenue in their current businesses, but also enter new and interesting markets by enabling them to make markets and risk manage Crypto."