March 22, 2021 - FX Markets technology provider Edgewater Markets has announced today that Mexican broker Masari Casa de Bolsa has rolled out their new FX white label platform powered by Edgewater Markets’ ultra-low latency proprietary technology.

Edgewater Markets has adapted the company's proprietary technology to provide Masari Casa de Bolsa a customised solution to optimise trading and expand the broker's distribution, with Edgewater providing: connectivity, aggregation, market making, distribution, order management, and a branded custom-built HTML5 user interface. In addition, according to today's press release. "this bespoke solution utilises Edgewater’s automated Switch Bank workflow, providing direct credit access to difficult to reach counterparties, tailor-made specifically for Masari’s clients’ needs".

“I could not be happier with Edgewater Markets’ delivery of our new trading solution for our clients,” commented Abraham Mohana, Masari’s Chief Financial Officer. “They were able to optimise our proprietary workflows and trading strategies, providing optimal, efficient and low-cost FX electronic execution, enabling us to address our clients’ unique needs.”

Today's press release further stated, "Masari was founded in 1986, with over 34 years in the financial environment in Mexico operating Foreign Exchange, International Payments, Equity and Money Markets, Derivatives, among other products. Since its inception, Masari has developed a close relationship with their clients based on mutual knowledge and trust. This commitment comes from Masari’s principles, and their relentless search for the most innovative technological and financial instruments, delivering the highest professional standards in the marketplace. The deployment of Edgewater Markets’ white label solution is an extension of these founding principles. It is now one of the fastest growing financial intermediaries in 2021."

“We are very pleased to continue to grow our long-standing relationship with Masari Casa de Bolsa and look forward to working with them, in providing their large and diverse client base the very best technology available to transact their business,” added Alex Scarsini, co-founder and President of Edgewater Markets.

In September 2020, Edgewater announced EdgeFXLatam adapting the company's proprietary technology specifically for the Latin American markets to optimise trading and expand distribution.

EdgeFXLatam, provides onshore and offshore participants access to deep liquidity, specialising in the following pairs:

  o Mexican Peso   o Brazilian Real   o Chilean Peso   o Colombian Peso   o Peruvian Sol