May 11, 2022 - TraderEvolution have released a new mobile app, the latest trading terminal in the trading software vendor’s front-end suite.

TrasderEvolution app screenshots.png

This latest app from TraderEvolution has been designed to make investing more accessible for investors wanting to trade mainly settled instruments such as equities and ETFs. The app can be offered as a standalone terminal or accompanied by other TraderEvolution front ends for active trading.

The app has an ergonomic UI design offering a more straightforward user experience. It is equipped with a simplified workspace which allows investors to trade fractional shares and size their positions by Dollar, or other currency amounts, using a simplified order entry panel.

TraderEvolution has also introduced new tools such as thematic lists of stocks, and algorithms for market exploration.TraderEvolution’s trading ideas module is supported by the app.

The new stock-trading app is a fully white-label product, providing a wide scope of new options for UI customisation designed to make it look like a broker’s in-house application.