September 06, 2021 - FX Trading aggregator and bridge provider PrimeXM has recorded a total of $1.07 trillion in monthly trading volume in August 2021, and has officially registered volume in the newly opened data centre in Singapore SG1. The SG1 data centre was officially announced in July, but went live in May 2021.

August was the 3rd consecutive month that the company registered over $1 trillion in monthly trading volume, and represents 23% Year on Year increase in trading volume compared to August 2020 at $686.08 billion.

PrimeXM Daily-Volume-August-2021.png

PrimeXM August Daily Volume

The Average Daily Volume (ADV) in August was $48.42 billion. The highest daily trading volume of the month was recorded on 4th August with $61.98 billion in turnover. The total number of trades in August was 27.15 million which, a more than 12% Year on Year improvement comparing to August 2020's 24.25 million trades.

PrimeXM Year-to-Date-August-2021.png

PrimeXM Year To Date Volume, August 2021

The PrimeXM data center in LD4 recorded $828.25 billion in notional trading volume in August – nearly 4% above July’s record. $119.26 billion passed through NY4 and the data center in TY3 processed $117.82 billion. Notably, PrimeXM also recorded activity in their newly established SG1 data center, reaching $11.83 million.

Prime XM August 2021 Data Centre stats .png

PrimeXM Data Centre Statistics, August 2021

PrimeXM August 2021 overall stats.png

PrimeXM Overall Trading Statistics, August 2021

XAUUSD remains the most popular trading instrument via PrimeXM's network – with $292 billion in notional value traded in August. EURUSD remained in 2nd place with $142.2 billion. The Nasdaq 100 index US100 replaced GBPUSD as the 3rd most traded instrument with $114.4 billion. GBPUSD was 4th place with $101.7 billion in volume.

PrimeXM August 21 Top15.png

PrimeXM Top 15 Traded Instruments, August 2021