September 12, 2020 - FX Trading aggregator and bridge provider PrimeXM has reported FX volume figures for July 2020.

Year To Date Volume

202008 PrimeXM Year to Date August 20.png

• PrimeXM recorded a total of $868.08 billion in monthly trading volume in August 2020 across its 3 Data Centre locations. Compared to the previous month’s trading there was an overall Month on Month decease of 7.6%. (NB: August counted only 21 trading days.)

August 2020 Daily Volume

202008 PrimeXM daily volume August 2020.png

• The Average Daily Volume (ADV) in August was $41.33 billion, an increase of 1.2% increase MoM compared toULY 2020. The highest daily trading volume of the month was recorded on 11 August with $57 billion in turnover.

• The total number of trades in August was 24.25 million.

August 2020 Overall Statistics

202008 PrimeXM Monthly Stats August 20.png

• 76% of the overall traded volume was registered in the LD4 (London) Data Centre, close to $660 billion in notional value. The other 2 major Data Centers in TY3 and NY4 recorded a monthly trading volume of $105.29 billion and $102.88 billion, respectively.

August 2020 Data Centre Statistics

202008 PrimeXM Data Centre Statistics August 20.png

• XAUUSD (Gold) was the instrument with the highest total trading volume over PrimeXM in August, with volume at $288.7 billion. This represents 33.26% of all volume in August, and an increase in volume of 32.7% in XAUUSD trades compared to the previous month. In July 2020, XAUUSD was also the most active instrument over the network, with volume of $217.5 billion, 23.13% of all volume over PrimeXM for July. XAUUSD activity in July was in itself an increase of 42% compared to June 2020. After XAUUSD, EURUSD and GBPUSD were 2nd and 3rd most popular instruments with $151 billion and $97.6 billion traded respectively.

Top 15 Traded Instruments


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