November 2, 2021 - FX Trading aggregator and bridge provider PrimeXM has reported a total of $1.10 trillion in monthly trading volume in October 2021 across their 4 major Data Center locations. This is the 5th consecutive month that PrimeXM's monthly volume has surpassed $1 trillion, and represents a 23% Year on Year increase in trading activity compared to October 2020 at $894.36 billion.


PrimeXM Daily Volume, October 2021

The Average Daily Volume (ADV) in October was $52.38 billion. The highest daily trading volume of the month was recorded on 6th October with $62.09 billion in volume.


PrimeXM Volume, Year To Date, October 2021
The total number of trades in October was 30.22 million, 20.6% Year on Year growth compared to October 2020's 25.07 million trades.

PrimeXM's data center in LD4 recorded $877.53 billion in notional trading volume in October – nearly 80% of total monthly volume. The data center in NY4 remained in 2nd place for the 3rd month with $122.79 billion and the data center in TY3 processed $99.35 billion. The trades passed through the newly established SG1 data center are reached $359 million, growing from $28 million in September 2021.

PrimeXM Top15.png

PrimeXM Top 15 Traded instruments, October 2021

Over 28% of overall monthly trading volume was again concentrated in XAUUSD, about $312.2 billion in notional value. The Dow Jones US 30 index occupied the 2nd place again with $170 billion, followed by Major FX pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD with a combined trading volume of $236.6 billion.

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