16 April, 2020 - FX Trading aggregator and bridge provider PrimeXM reported FX volume figures for March 2020 with a significant increase on the numbers reported in February.

Prime XM volumes MARCH 2020 daily.jpg
Prime XM March 2020 Daily Volume

The company registered $48.22 billion Average Daily Volume across the 3 major data centre locations of New York (NY4), London (LD4) and Tokyo (TY3) with a total of $1.15 trillion in monthly trading volume. This represents MoM 25.51% increase in trading volume compared to February 2020, and a spike of over 59% in the total number of trades compared to February.

Prime XM March 2020 YTD.jpg
Prime XM Daily Volume Year To Date 2020

The Data Centre with the highest volume of trades is London LD4 with 73% of traded volume registered there, more than $844 billion in notional value.

PrimeXm March 2020 piechart.png

The stand-out figure is that the most-traded instrument was XAUUSD with $223.6 billion, close to 20% of the overall traded volume. Also, among the top traded instruments, were trades on major equity Indices combing 3 top US stock indices and German Index (GER30) representing more than 17% of overall volume.

The YTD chart indicates a major shift in trading activities between mid-February to mid-March amid higher volatility in the marketplace fuelled by Coronavirus pandemic.

Prime XM March Feb 2020 .png