8 May, 2020 - FX Trading aggregator and bridge provider PrimeXM reported FX volume figures for April 2020 with a decrease on the numbers reported in March, in line with other platforms and venues.

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Prime XM Volumes YTD 2020

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• PrimeXM has registered a total of $910.86 billion in monthly trading volume in April across the 3 major data centres (LD4, NY4 and TY3)

• The Average Daily Volume in April was $41.40 billion compared to ADV of $48,22 billion in March, this represents 14.14% MoM decline.

• The total number of trades in April also decreased in comparison to record activity in March. Despite the Easter Holidays total number of tractions was strong at an average of 1.42 million/day.

PrimeXM Volume by Datacenter APRIL 2020.png
PrimeXM Volume by Data Center April 2020

• The strongest Data Centre remains London (LD4) with 73% of traded volume. NY4 has taken over TY3 on ADV with $6.31 billion which represents a 1.86% MoM increase, despite an overall decline in ADV figures in the other 2 locations.

• XAUUSD slid down to 4th position from its top spot in March, due to disruption of the supply chain of the physical commodity. Liquidity became thinner, spreads became wider and margin requirements increased, as a result trading volume in Spot Gold fell over 60% to $88.74 billion.

PrimeXM April Pie Chart.png
Top 15 Traded Instruments: PrimeXM April 2020

• EURUSD took top position in April (17.92% of all volume) and major US indices picked up in volumes due to volatility in Stock markets

PrimeXM Overall Statistics April 2020.png

PrimeXM Overall Statistics, April 2020

PrimeXM DataCentre statistics April 2020.png
PrimeXM Data Centre Statistics, April 2020

PrimeXM volume data is a good indication of activity levels of the Retail FX market as the technology provider is one of the main suppliers of aggregated FX pricing to Retail FX brokers.