April 28, 2022 - Reactive Markets, provider of Switchboard, the cross-asset trading and price streaming network, has announced that clients can now access 15 top tier FX Liquidity Providers (LPs), which include 8 of the top 10 Euromoney FX LPs.

Launched in August 2021, Switchboard is the backbone for institutional crypto and FX liquidity, providing the infrastructure to allow LPs to efficiently distribute prices to large numbers of clients. It is the first open and transparent liquidity network for Crypto and FX trading, where clients can trade on a fully disclosed basis with their relationship LPs at no cost, connecting via a single high performance API or front end trader desktop.

“As FX trading firms look to improve their execution quality and drive down costs, we have seen significant interest from clients wanting to use the Switchboard network to trade on a fully disclosed basis, directly with all of the leading Liquidity Providers at zero cost,” said Phil Morris, CEO of Reactive Markets. “Client demand has already exceeded expectations, and with the leading FX and Crypto Liquidity Providers now connected our network continues to grow strongly, with a significant number of clients using Switchboard to trade both asset classes.”

He added, “Liquidity Providers are very supportive, as they benefit from low cost price distribution using our high performance infrastructure."

In September 2021 Reactive Markets announced the launch of Crypto trading, supported by five of the leading institutional Crypto LPs.