20 November 2019 - Swissquote has announced today that it is launching Vanilla FX Options on its Advanced Trader platform. The FX Options are European-style call and put options.

In 2010 Swissquote launched its Advanced Trader platform to provide clients with the full benefits of the Swissquote trading environment. With the new FX Options offering, the company states that it now offers its customers more opportunities for foreign exchange trading, enabling traders to diversify and optimise their FX trading strategies.

The company states that the new FX Options offering is suitable for traders who want to diversify and hedge their trading risk in currencies, or for those who apply multi-legged strategies to benefit from as many market trends as possible (Bull, Bear & Range). The new options are available for 45 currency pairs and allow users to set their precision based on:

  ○ Strike price: the strike price is determined to the fourth decimal place.

  ○ Tailored term: The date of expiry can be set to a single day up to one year. The company says that this is "in contrast to conventional providers, which usually offer only weekly, monthly or annual expiration dates."

The Advanced Trader Platform offers trading in over 80 currency pairs including major, minor and exotic currencies with access to high liquidity pools and comprehensive market analysis.