February 16, 2022 - Technology provider to retail brokers and hedge funds, Tools for Brokers has announced the appointment of Ivan Egorov as the company’s Global Head of Sales. The promotion, "aligns with the company’s focus on streamlining the operations across all regions and offices."

Egorov has been with Tools for Brokers since 2016. Having started as a Junior Manager, over the last two years Egorov has been the Head of Sales in the company's Cyprus office. According to the company, during this time he was able to acquire over a hundred new clients with a conversion rate rising by 1.5 times, and doubled quarterly revenues. He has also been instrumental in expanding TFB’s presence in multiple markets, such as Cyprus, the MENA region, and Europe.

Commenting on the new role, Ivan Egorov said, “I am very excited and thankful for the opportunity to lead the global sales team. Our team consists of exceptionally talented people who are located in our offices in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Singapore, and Russia. Together, they cover the entire world and work with our clients in different regions. It will be my honour to shape and execute the company’s global strategy. I am confident that together we will provide our clients with the best service on the market.”

Commenting on the promotion, Albina Zhdanova, the COO of TFB, said, “The promotion is very well-deserved. With Ivan's in-depth insight and expertise in TFB products and the company's focus on bridging solutions and expanding into new niches and target audiences, such as hedge funds, he is perfect for the new role. I am confident that Ivan will elevate the global sales performance and help us execute the new strategy of becoming the top liquidity bridge provider on the market to the fullest.”

The year 2021 has been a good one for Tools for Brokers. The company reported a strong performance across all key metrics. Trade Processor liquidity bridge volumes grew by 116%, and many new clients have signed with the company. TFB offers a wide range of products through a Trade Processor ecosystem, such as data monitoring and reporting, money management, and additional tools for targeted needs that allows it to meet every broker’s unique requirements. Many of the company's clients are using multiple products simultaneously , with the largest number of solutions per one client being 12.

Tools for Brokers (TFB) is a technology provider for retail brokers operating on MT4/MT5. It offers an ecosystem of solutions, including liquidity bridge, data management and reporting, money management, and individual custom solutions. The flagship MT4/MT5 liquidity bridge solution — Trade Processor — supports multiple liquidity providers, helps brokers manage risks, collects data, and automates the most critical processes all through a single console.