July 07, 2021 - Multi-asset trading solutions platform provider TraderEvolution has announced that it has released an update (3.98) providing a market data entitlements system for its multi-market trading solution. The update enables seamless market data usage and reporting for their clients, banks and brokers, as well as for end users.

Brokers who offer investment services involving exchange-traded products inevitably deal with licensing and distributing market data which needs to be supplied to both internal desks and external trading applications provided to end users.

While many brokers look to add exchange-traded products or new markets to their current offering, it becomes more and more complicated for them to manage market data sources and its usage in compliance with licensing requirements.

With the 3.98 update, all TraderEvolution brokers will be able to manage and report all market data subscriptions directly from TraderEvolution’s back office.

The newest feature improves not only the back-end procedures but also positively affects the end-user experience by implementing a dedicated market data subscriptions panel across all front ends. This proprietary mechanism allows displaying all available market data sources along with key information about terms of subscription. Users can understand costs, subscribe to a chosen set of data and accept the electronic user agreement without leaving their front-end terminal.