September 30, 2021 - Multi-asset trading platform software provider TraderEvolution has announced the release of a new Portfolio Management module, catering to investment professionals and passive investors who would like their money to be managed in a safe, integrated environment.

The new module offers a desktop application for portfolio managers, and dedicated interfaces for investors in web and mobile terminals providing:

● monitoring of portfolio performance through various metrics ● Managing portfolio models ● automated allocation of funds and rebalancing in accordance to the model

The newly added module is controlled from within the back office terminal where a portfolio admin creates portfolio entities, manages investors’ subscriptions and key information, and sets management fees, while ensuring everything is compliant with regulatory requirements and the portfolio manager's company policies.

Roman Nalyvaiko, the CEO of TraderEvolution, commented on the new release, “We've made one more step towards building the most universal and comprehensive trading platform. It is well known that many brokerages that offer service for self-directed trading and managed portfolios use fragmented technologies and with this release we bring more efficiency, allowing brokers to serve both groups of clients using the same platform.”

Every broker who uses TraderEvolution’s solution may now subscribe to the new module becoming an investment hub for professional traders and asset managers as well as for investors.