July 7, 2020 - The latest partnership announced by TraderEvolution enables customers of Velocity Trade to trade on the MERJ Exchange, a distributed ledger technology-based exchange. Velocity Trade is a broker member of the exchange, which uses a unique set of technologies to offer tokenized assets to investors. Apart from traditional assets like stocks and bonds, the offering also expands into derivative securities.

Commenting on the partnership, the Managing Director of Velocity Trade, Daniel Carter, said: “TraderEvolution has built a very strong multi-asset trading platform. This enabled us to provide a unique offering to our customers mixed between listed securities and OTC products.”

“The trading platform is cleverly designed in the back office, enabling us to easily integrate and manage the multitude of markets that we’re offering. Our decision to integrate our offering into TraderEvolution enabled us to support and administer multiple groups of clients, which gives us an edge over more traditional brokers,” Carter elaborated.

Commenting on the news, the CEO of TraderEvolution, Roman Nalivayko said: “TraderEvolution is a truly multi-market trading platform that is designed to be integrated with any market our clients need.”

“Our partnership with Velocity Trade to access an affiliate member of the World Federation of Exchanges, which is based on distributed ledger technology, is a testament to the full capabilities of our software solution,” elaborated Nalivayko.

With support for multiple markets and multiple customization options, TraderEvolution continues to score new partnerships across the globe.